Originar in East Sichuan Valley of the immense Chongqing province, the Chongqing dog is a breed as old as time; their DNA and archeological discoveries placing their origin in the Han Dinasty, at least 2300 years ago - one of the oldest dog breeds of this world, older than the Chow Chow, older than the Shar Pei. 

Due to their presence only in the secluded villages of the mountains, hidden by the bamboo forests, the Chongqing Dog faced extinction and it was almost lost. On the other hand, this isolation allowed them to remain virtually untouched by the modern world and to evolve based on natural selection and survival of the fittest.​

Altough rather well known throughout Chongqing, the breed remained only within the borders of the province and never reached mainland China, or Europe for a very very long time. 

They served the people as guard dogs, companion dogs, and gruesome as it is, as sources of food and hide for the poor villagers from the remote areas. 

The Chongqing City is also an expression of modernity, economic boom and vibrant population, placing itself on the general trend of a modern China.

However, it was only very recently that the Chinese Kennel Union begun its work of saving and preserving their indigenous breeds (2016). Since then, with great efforts, seminars, conferences, shows, many thiusand of kilometers for identifying breed representatives - a great progress was made, also for the Chongqing Dog.


In 2017, during the CKU Specialty Show in Congqing City, CKU officials gathered a good number of dogs and evaluated their characteristics, registered them, took blood samples, measured them - in order to have a relevant data base for the current situation of the Chongqing Dog and to draw the official standard of the breed. 

In 2018, the breed saw another victory, and was admitted in shows in group 11, and, after FCI recongition it would be included in group 2 FCI Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs. 


In 2019, history was made and the first European Chongqing Dog and Chuandong Hound Club Show and Seminar was organized in Netherlands by Matthew Spinks. It was a significant event for the breed, where FCI judge, author of the standard, protagonist of the recovery of the breed Franki Leung was invited as judge and as lecturer.

We are extremly proud that our male, Heilong Mushu was the supreme best in show winner of this event!

During this historic meeting of European Chongqing breeders and fanciers, the European Chongqing Dog Club was formed, with Franki Leung as president and Matthew Spinks, Markus Monroe and myself as founding members and board of directors. 

Show  (364).jpg

2019, Europe, Netherlands

Our male, Heilong Mushu wins with flying colors the first European Chonqing Dog and Chuandong Hound Specialty:

 Class Winner, Best Male, Best of Breed, Best in Show, Best in Show Supreme!

2017, China, Chongqing City

Our male, Heilong Mushu is being registred by DNA and by phenotype in the CKU database



Confident, adaptable and energetic, the Chongqing Dog has a rawn, natural nature which makes him unique in the dog world. 

Suspicious to strangers, but loyal and affectionate to family and friends of the family.

Stubborn, but extremly intelligent.

Gets along well with other dogs and children, but will never tolerate being bullied, teased or mistreated. 

Excellent guardian, fierce and fearless.

Exceptionally easy to be used to walks on leash, curious, but cautious.

Does very well both indoors and outdoors* and is neither a barker, nor a chewer or destroyer of objects around the house. 

Very playful from puppyhood throughout adulthood, with high preydrive and easily motivated by praise and toys. 

(*) provided that its outdoors place to stay is heated, spacious and comfortable,

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